From Loving Hands….Celebrating Women from All Walks of Life

2809-Turkmens-Womens-Association-Afghanistan-Jewelry-Felt-Fair-TradeWhether it be the hand sewn blanket given to you by your grandmother or the brand new iPhone 5 resting in your pocket, most of the products we own have been touched by a woman’s hands in one way or another. Today is International Women’s Day– a day to celebrate not only these women, but women all around the world. From your grandmother to the woman in South Africa who walks multiple hours each day to supply her family with water. According to UN Women (, some statistics show that women account for 70% of the world’s poor, yet, in many regions they provide over 90% of the food.

At One World Projects, we work with artisan groups from all around the world and provide them with a fair wage for the beautiful IMG_7925products that they produce. We recognize the gender inequalities shown in statistics and we work to combat them with empathy and action. Fair trade is not hand-outs or charity, it is honest pay for hard workers–and more often then not, some of the hardest working artisans we find are women.

Take for example, Miss Nebsa of Inspirit Arts. Her humanitarian fundraising collective produces magnificent, colorful headbands and head wraps as well as intricate jewelry and accessories. This month, One World Projects is featuring Inspirit Arts’ one-of-a-kind, handcrafted earrings for only $7.00. For more information please visit our FaceBook: and to order yours please e-mail: or call: 585.344.4490. Your fair trade purchases not only provide you with beautiful handmade artwork but also support artisan communities and their families all around the world.

2543-Jadeite-Turquoise-Circle-Necklace-Turkmens-Womens-Association-AfghanistanFurthermore, One World Projects regularly hosts products made from the women of TWARA. The Turkmen Women’s Active Rights Association (TWARA) was conceived in 2002 and registered in 2005 in Kabul. With a mission to empower women and educate them about their legal rights, TWARA started work with the backward and marginalized Turkmen tribes of northern Afghanistan. TWARA works towards providing these communities with a strong economic and social structure. The organization has helped in establishing schools and health centers in the region. The members of TWARA also provide women with information about women rights and legal awareness. To view and purchase products from TWARA, please go to

Join us in celebrating and supporting these wonderful, hardworking women. The steps to change are easier than you think. By purchasing fair trade, your doing just that. One World Projects just wants to make it easier for you. Happy International Women’s Day to all!

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