New Nepalese Tingshas and Singing Bowls are Perfect Meditation Tools

A beautiful scene in Nepal

Whether used for meditation and relaxation or simply as elegant and ornate pieces of art, these unique Nepalese products are one-of-kind and are sure to bring beauty and harmony into any space. These elegant handicrafts have arrived just in time to be displayed in our booth at the NY NOW Gift Show: August 15-18, Booth 403.

As we eagerly await the New York NOW Gift Show, we, here at One World Projects, continue to take pride in collaborating directly with artisan groups and promoting their beautifully crafted, handmade and fair trade products.

Here’s a look at some of the new Nepalese products that we believe exemplify the creative capacity of the artisans we support and the kind-hearted compassion that our business is built on. Read on to learn about Gajur, the non-profit organization that we are working with to spread awareness of Nepalese culture and heritage.

One World Projects

Singing bowl and Tingshas hanging on Buddha’s neck

Singing bowls are used throughout Asia, especially Nepal, China and Japan, for a variety of purposes including meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing and music. According to Tibetan tradition, the existence of singing bowls dates back to the time when Siddhartha Buddha was alive (between the fourth and sixth centuries BCE.)

Although classified as a bell, singing bowls rest on the ground and produce sound through vibrations of the rim. This sound invokes a state of relaxation which naturally assists enter one into a state of deep concentration. Therefore, in many religious contexts, singing bowls signal when to begin and end meditation.

One World Projects

Nepalese Tingshas

Similarly, tingshas are small cymbals that produce a long ringing, soothing noise and are used, along with singing bowls, in meditation, prayer and relaxation. Tingshas are most commonly associated with Tibetan Buddhism, yet are used throughout Asia.

Support the fair trade organization Gajur, our partner in Nepal. Established with the aim of promoting, preserving and extending the historical and traditional heritage of the Nepalese handicrafts throughout the world, it aspires to create a niche for Nepalese handmade products in global markets while preserving Nepal’s rich culture and craft techniques.

The group provides employment for more than 200 traditional artisan groups in different areas throughout Nepal and condemns any child labor. Gajur has implemented several programs that support its artisans and their families. For example, the company promotes gender equality by establishing women empowerment programs that help women come to the forefront of economic activity through production, collecting and marketing.

Join us at the NY NOW Gift Show to see these new and returning products in our Booth 403.

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