Your Pets Can Shop Fair Trade, Too.

imagesThis Holidays season, when you shop for your friends and family, don’t forget your furry family members. Your pets can also shop for Fair Trade products, which help give back to the environment and support communities around the world in being self-sustainable. One World Projects has a wonderful variety of products from Guatemala for dogs and cats. Each item is unique and handmade. The bright colors of the leashes and pet accessories are inspired by Mayan textiles. These products are made by a cooperative called UPAVIM, which consists of women who live in marginalized communities on the outskirts of Guatemala City. For more information and history of UPAVIM, see here.5801-Cotton-Dog-Collars-Guatemala-Upavim-Fair-Trade

If you are looking for a gift for your canine that combines functionality and makes a statement, our Dog Collars are sure to do the trick. Hand-woven with multicolored yarns, they are sure to make your furry companion stand out.  Each collar is available in blue, green, red and rainbow colors with paw prints and is adjustable. The light fabric will make the collar almost unnoticeable for your dog, and its sturdy nature ensures it lasts you for a while.

9813-Cotton-Dog-Leashes-Guatemala-Upavim-Fair-TradeThis Dog Leash will make your dog stand out at the dog park. Take your pet for a walk with a Mayan twist on one of our multicolored cotton leashes. Hand-woven on traditional back-strap looms, these unique Guatemalan leashes are sturdy and stylish. The back-straploom is very basic, comprising two sticks or bars between which the warps are stretched. One bar is attached to a fixed object, such as a tree, and the other to the weaver usually by means of a strap around their back. The leash and the collar are a great match and perfect for a wonderful Christmas gift set for your dog.

Available in an array of bright fun colors, these matching dog leashes and collars are perfect for walks, training sessions, or road trips. The sturdy metal lock provides strong and secure attachment. Comfortable and convenient, this will make a great holiday gift. Give back while shopping for you fury friends!5848-Cotton-Dog-Bandana-Guatemala-Upavim-Fair-Trade

These adorable Dog Bandanas will be perfect for your canine to dress up in for that family Christmas photo shoot! Your pet will enjoy these comfortable fashionable bandanas, and so will you. Available in a multitude of colors and topped with traditional Guatemalan patterns, this  pet accessory makes a perfect Christmas present. Sturdy and stylish, this bandana is great for on the go, or staying in. Every item is a doggie fashion statement and is available in different sizes and good for the smallest fury friend to the biggest cuddle buddy.

5628-Catnip-Mice-Mouse-Guatemala-Upavim-Fair-TradeIf you are shopping for your fury feline, try these Catnip Mice. Let your cat have fun playing with these mice toys filled with organic catnip. It is a delicate flowering plant, called catnip because of the effect it has on cats. Catnip stimulates cats’ receptors and is also known to be used in certain herbal medicines for its mild sedative effect on humans. These come in a variety of vivid colors and are also  hand made in Guatemala using Mayan textiles. Each package comes with a set of two mice. Your cat will love these Holiday goodies!

These Cat Collars combine both functionality and eco-chic. They are very sturdy and light, even your cat will appreciate this comfortable accessory. Hand-woven with bright shades of yarn, this unique collars catscat collar is sure to attract attention to your furry companion, while providing functionality with long lasting material. So go ahead and dress up your little friend! Our earth tone and rainbow colored collars are adjustable in size and can fit most cats. Made by our artisan partners while keeping in mind fair wage and fair prices, even this small purchase can make a change for the better.

Don’t forget your animal companions this Holiday season, when you shop for their gifts! The Fair Trade purchases made for your pets can make a difference, as the proceeds help economic and social empowerment of the Guatemalan female artisans and their children, providing them with a better life.

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