Spice Up Your Holidays

Red-River-Two-Women-in-a-boIn the Red River Valley of Vietnam, a Vietnamese engineer turned artisan has been running a small artisan workshop called Seven Seas. Working with recycled and sustainably harvested materials, the Seven Seas workshop produces a wonderful variety of Christmas ornaments and boxes made of cinnamon wood. Seven Seas knows it’s better to reuse rather than recycle and makes every effort to reduce its environmental impact.

Seven Seas is a home-based workshop in the town of Tra Bong located in the Quang Ngai province of central Vietnam. Quang Ngai is the shared homeland cohabited by the Kinh people and three other fraternal ethnic groups: Hore, Kor, 4438-Cinnamon-Bark-Ornaments-Tree-Christmas-Seven-Seas-Vietnam-Fair-Tradeand Kadong, who always stand side by side for the sake of mutual interest and progress. Quang Ngai is south of the DMZ and also was the scene of heavy combat during the Vietnam War. The fair wages the artisans receive allow them to feed and educate their children, and improve their living conditions; all of which contribute to their hope for lasting peace.

Cinnamon has long been an important resource for these communities. It’s high -oil content and powerful flavor make Vietnamese cinnamon arguably some of the finest cinnamon in the world and an important export commodity. Unique to Vietnam, is the traditional craft of using the bark of cinnamon trees to create beautiful and aromatic gifts.

This Holiday season, decorate your tree with this unique ornament made of cinnamon bark. Shaped like a Christmas tree, it will fill your home with the warm scent of cinnamon and bring holiday cheer. The cinnamon trees that are used to produce these ornaments are a renewable resource and are sustainably harvested.

4434-Cinnamon-Bark-Ornaments-Love-Birds-Doves-Seven-Seas-Vietnam-Fair-TradeThis Cinnamon Bark Lovebird ornament will bring the Christmas spirit and a sense of love and peace to any room. The one-of-a-kind design is combined with a wonderful aroma of real cinnamon, which is sure to be the talk of the party. Add a little compassion to your holidays, when you shop for Christmas decorations this year.

This Cinnamon Bark Shaker will bring the sweet smell of cinnamon and will take you back in time, back to the time of the spice trades with their mystical routes mapped all the way to Vietnam. This shaker could be an excellent tabletop accessory, spice storage container as well as a natural room freshener.4405-Cinnamon-Bark-Shaker-Seven-Seas-Vietnam-Fair-Trade

The fragrant cinnamon bark toothpick holders will be a great addition to your kitchen while being functional and stylish. Handmade from sustainably-harvested natural materials, this is a perfect example of eco-chic home décor.

The artisans from Seven Seas get the cinnamon from the dried inner bark of an evergreen tree which belongs to the Cinnamomum genus. During ancient times, 5950-Cinnamon-Box-Toothpick-Holder-Seven-Seas-Vietnam-Fair-Tradecinnamon was considered a precious possession, and was often given as a gift to kings or gods. Historical evidence claims that cinnamon was presented at the temples of the Greek Roman gods Apollo and Miletus. In modern times, cinnamon is used as a very important spice in various cuisines across the world.

Cinnamon is yielded by growing the tree for a span of 2-3 years and then coppicing it. Coppicing, a traditional method of woodland management, is the process of cutting the tree to the ground level and allowing it to grow again. The trees naturally reshoot from 4885-Cinnamon-Bark-Seven-Seas-Fair-Trade-Vietnam-Harvesting-Processtheir stumps or roots, thus the tree is unharmed and regains its matured size. Cinnamon trees can yield productive barks for about 45 years, after which they are required to be replaced with a new seedling. Coppicing becomes an environmentally-sustainable way to harvest cinnamon bark again-and-again from the same tree.

The bark is immediately processed after harvesting, while it is still wet. The outer hard cover is scraped out and beaten evenly to loosen out the inner bark – the real cspice. Once peeled, the bark is placed in extended layers and then rolled to form quills. They are further sun-dried; the dried barks curl up and are cut into smaller sticks, ready to be sold.

There are many health benefits to eating and smelling cinnamon. Cinnamon is a great source of manganese, fiber, iron and calcium. It is a natural food preservative, when added to food; it helps to inhibit bacterial growth and food spoilage. Cinnamon has been studied for helping arthritis, anti-clotting effect, antioxidant effect, and blood sugar balancing. Smelling cinnamon has also been shown to boost cognitive function and memory.

Spice up your Holiday season this year with our eco-friendly fragrant cinnamon ornaments and kitchen accessories!

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