Unique Recycled Accessories For the Man in Your Life

153Whether it’s a way to give thanks to our Veterans, or a unique present for the Holidays, One World Projects has you covered when it comes to gifts for men in your life. We know how hard it is to find the perfect present for your father brother, or significant other, so we made it easy for you. We combined durability, sustainability, and male-chic, to provide you with one-of-a- kind collection of accessories made from repurposed tires. Our wallets, toiletry bags, and waist packs are not only high in quality, but are also environmentally friendly due to their recycled nature.

Discarded truck and car tires litter the road, ravines, and rivers, causing harm to the environment. The craftsmen who use this innovative technique give a second life to something so mundane. They come from an artisan group called Uca Ruffatti located in Santa Ana, El Salvador.148

This artisan group helps to clean up the mess, while turning waste into beautiful and functional works of art. Uca Ruffatti collects the inner tubes from the discarded tires and uses them to create accessories in a variety of sizes and designs. The long-lasting toughness of the material contributes to the products’ extensive life and durability. The artisans at Uca Ruffatti have repurposed tires and car upholstery to create unique and environmentally friendly accessories for the past 20 years. Artisans are free to employ their creative vision when producing the bags, so each item is unique and meticulously crafted, and of course, pleasing to look at and, most importantly, functional in form.

200In March 2009, One World Projects was recognized by the Fair Trade Federation on behalf of our collaboration with Uca Ruffatti. The “Excellence in Product Design” award was given in recognition of Uca Ruffatti’s outstanding work in the field of design, innovation, contemporary style, tastefulness and responsible use of materials in accordance with FTF’s principles and values.

A great example of functionality and sustainability is the Recycled Tire Tube Waist Pack.  It’s just the right size for passports, cell phones and other travel documents. This is a perfect present for that avid adventurer or a person “on the go”. A cotton lining is added with an exterior zippered pocket for organization. It is water resistant and has an adjustable waist strap: perfect to take on a hike or a boat trip.196-Recycled-Tire-Cosmetic-Bag-Fair-Trade-El-Salvador

This Recycled Tire Toiletry Bag from El Salvador is an irreplaceable necessity for travelers. Equipped with waterproof lining and zipper closure, it is sure to be a long-lasting accessory. Due to its recycled nature, no two bags are exactly alike. While designs and measurements are consistent, patterns on rubber will vary. Handcrafted and fair trade imported, this toiletry bag is a present nobody would want to return.

76If you’re having difficulties choosing a gift, pickone that will sure to come in handy, like this Recycled Tire Wallet. It’s a rough time for the economy, and only a wallet handmade from recycled car and truck tires is tough enough to take it. By making use of the discarded tires that litter El Salvador’s roads and ravines, this item helps keep our planet clean, bringing eco-positive change into the world. It includes 6 pockets for credit cards, 2 for photos, and one large billfold. This is one of our most popular items and is the perfect gift that combines functionality and promotes compassionate trade.

The Holiday season is not only the time of giving, but a great reason to also give back. It is our mission to create strong and fair relationships based on trust and mutual respect, just like the ones we have with our artisans. We know that the best presents are the ones that give back by supporting communities and building sustainability. So this season, show the men in your life the appreciation they need by giving them gifts that are fairly and compassionately traded and filled with heart!

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