Wrap Yourself Before You Begin Wrapping Presents and all the Holiday Cooking

topIt’s that time of year again, soon families will be coming to visit for the holidays, students will be coming home from college, and you’ll be preparing a feast for family and friends. It is hard to stay clean in the kitchen when you are preparing multiple dishes, multitasking to get dishes done on time, and running around making sure all the ingredients end up in the bowl and not on the counter, the floor, or all over your new blouse. OWP has a solution for anyone that has these issues during the holiday season. We want everyone to look their best when cooking and have a minimal amount to do after the feast is complete.

mud cloth apronWe suggest beautiful mud cloth aprons, that are made with a traditional African mud cloth called bògòlanfini or bogolan. Malian mud cloth, known for its bold geometric patterns, is dyed with a natural mixture of fermented mud and local leaves. Each apron is handmade from recycled materials so no two aprons will ever be the same! By adorning yourself in the kitchen with one of these highly durable and beautiful aprons you will be able to stay in tip-top shape this holiday season. You will be able to stay clean and look fashionable as you pull out each one of your beautifully hand crafted dishes is taken to the table.

mud apronIf ruffles are more your style we also have wonderful Ruffle Print Aprons that are fair trade imported and made with recycled printed fabrics that would otherwise be discarded. These aprons are handmade and from recycled materials, so no two printed aprons will ever be identical. These aprons will put a unique twist on your holiday baking and cooking and give you something to brag about to your family and friends.

mali chicThese aprons are created by Mali Chic an organization that has partnered with various international agencies such as United States Agency for International Development (USAID), West African Trade Hub and Aid to Artisans. Aligning with such agencies has helped Mali Chic to expand the reach of its handmade and fair trade products internationally. With increased demand for handmade and fairly traded products, Mali Chic has been able to contribute to social and economical development for its artisan members.

apronIf handmade, durable, animal print aprons are your fun and unique apron style, OWP has an apron for you! We have reversible aprons that are lined on the inside with hand block-printed kalamkari fabrics. These aprons are made from discarded or rejected digitally printed polyvinyl billboard advertisements, these aprons will surely encourage you to try out a new recipe this holiday season. These aprons are the perfect eco-friendly accessory for your kitchen or gift for animal lovers, environmentalists, foodies or home chefs.

Secours populaire français Speed Trust

These fantastic recycled aprons are hand-stitched by women artisans at Speed Trust, a non-profit organization located in the southern part of India. This organization supports socially and economically disadvantaged women from urban slum areas through vocational training, financial support and income generation.

apronsIf handwoven aprons are more your style, OWP has an apron for you! We have a variety of traditional and contemporary colors of handwoven aprons from Guatemala that are perfect for protecting your clothes while cooking or doing other messy chores. Artisans from Xetonox, Guatemala use traditional foot treadle looms to weave these aprons. The non-profit organization Mayaworks supports this and other artisan communities in the central highlands of Guatemala through loans, scholarships and assistance in bringing their products to market.

mayaApart from market support, Maya Works provides its artisan communities with literacy, skill training, scholarships and micro loans. Maya Works also provides opportunities such as meetings, workshops and international exposure for these artisans, which helps them build their business expertise. The various crafts produced by the artisan partners of Maya Works include, hand woven fabrics, home accents, napkins, aprons, crocheted bags, pouches and corn husk angels and dolls.

Through fair and compassionate trade, you can stay clean while cooking and support artisans, their families, and their communities create a sustainable living this holiday season!

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