World Food Day

NayonWorld Food Day is on October 16. On this day, people from around the world are coming together to declare their commitment to eradicate hunger in our lifetime. The right to adequate food is realized when every man, woman and child has the physical and economic access at all times to adequate food or means for its procurement. And, no one suffers from hunger.

The right to food is a basic human right and every human being has a fundamental right to be free from hunger and the right for adequate food. In a world of plenty, over 805 million people, one in nine worldwide, live with chronic hunger. The costs of hunger and malnutrition fall heavily on those most vulnerable, developing countries.

womenThrough fair and compassionate trade, OWP is committed to sustainable employment because that is the only long-term solution to shift the cycles of poverty. By shifting this cycle, artisans and farmers in developing countries will have the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to create their own businesses. This then allows artisans and farmers to create a source of income for themselves, their families, and their communities. Supporting self-sustainability is the best way to change the cycles of hunger in our lifetime and in the lifetime of our children.

turtleIn Ecuador, the shaky economy means that jobs are scarce, even for highly-qualified professionals. Thus, many artisans and farmers do not have a steady income to be able to feed themselves and their families. Thankfully, Tagua nut carving has emerged as a sustainable alternative and is often the primary source of income for an artisan’s family.

necklaceThrough Nayon Nayon artisans work in home-based workshops throughout the country. Within the workshops, one artisan serves as a manager/leader and hires family members and friends to help produce products. This allows the artisan, their family, and their community to make a sustainable living that will help eradicate poverty and hunger in this region of the world.

bagIn Afghanistan, where war and widows are common, Zardozi offers women the training and materials they need to create stunning bags, purses, shawls, and jewelry from home. The local custom and lack of opportunity in Afghanistan often prohibits women from working outside their house. Through Zardozi women can work from home, where they can care for their children in keeping with the local tradition and make a living to support their family.

cuffThrough Zardozi, artisans have the opportunity to work from home and maintain the local traditions of their country. In addition, women are given the opportunity to take charge in their new roles as the sole providers for their family. Through these roles these artisans and their families make a sustainable living to refrain from poverty and hunger.

women2Fair and compassionate trade supports artisans and their families to make a sustainable living in their home countries. Please show your commitment to World Food Day, by purchasing fair and compassionate trade products.

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