Let’s Get Crafty

tagua5Crafts are an essential way for students and children to have fun while learning patience and creativity. They are a different way for families to come together and bond over small works of art. They are good conversation starters and a fun way to display family time to guests. They are something to be proud of and will always put a smile on your face from the memories.

taguatagua1Tagua slices and nuts, are unique items than can create anyone’s works of art into a beautiful masterpiece. Artisans in Ecuador use these nuts to create figurines, jewelry, and ornaments to help support themselves, their families and to be self-sustainable.

tagua7You too can make these works of art at home with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime. These nuts are a fun, unique way to create ornaments for the holidays or create a gift that someone will appreciate. These nuts are fun for all ages and a great way to bring friends, family, and children together this holiday season. Families can come together and paint on these nuts something of importance. Parents can then display these masterpieces on a tree, in a centerpiece, or as accents to their home decor.

tagua3Are you a teacher looking for a fun way to create a lesson plan for your students this holiday season? Tagua nuts can provide you with a fun hands-on lesson plan and a topic about a country that is worth mentioning to students. These nuts are a source of economic stability and protect deforestation in Ecuador and by purchasing these nuts you can raise awareness about poverty in this part of the world. Tagua nuts are a great way for students to get crafty in the classroom and present their family with works of art this holiday season. Students can paint the nuts with something of importance to them as is the tagua nut to many inhabitants in Ecuador. It will allow students to be creative and paint something that is meaningful to them and allow them to connect to their piece of art. You can purchase these nuts in bulk from OWP by clicking here. These nuts are a great addition to the classroom and will be a fun way for students to get crafty by painting or carving these nuts.

About the Artisans

tagua4These Tagua nuts come from a NGO in Ecuador that counters poverty and deforestation by creating new jobs that depend on conservation and responsible forest management. In order to accomplish this goal, the company Naya Nayon works with 23 local artisans to create figurines, jewelry, and ornaments from tagua nuts. These nuts are a local source of income in Ecuador and can be harvested without detriment to the rainforest. Naya Nayon gives its artisans the training, tools, and materials to work from home and makes sure that all orders are fairly distributes amongst the artisans.

tagua6Despite their humble backgrounds, many of Naya Nayon’s artisans are highly educated with university degrees in engineering, law, business, and medicine. Unfortunately, Ecuador’s shaky economy means jobs are scarce, even for highly-qualified professionals. Thankfully, tagua nut carving has emerged as a sustainable alternative and is often the primary source of income for an artisan’s family.

Please purchase tagua nuts today and show your support to these artisans in Ecuador. And, allow your child or student to showcase their talent while teaching them about Ecuador and the meaning of these nuts to their local lifestyle and economy. 

Thank you!

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