Old Hallow’s Eve

chocolate“Trick-or-Treat?” Those of us in the United States are very familiar with this saying and by the way Halloween candy has been popping up across supermarkets and pumpkins have invaded the grocery aisles, Old Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner.

In the U.S, every year children get dress up and go door to door searching for delicious treats that will give them the sugar high, they crave on Halloween. We have a few ideas for planning a Spooktacular night and new treats for all the trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

masksDo you plan a Spooktacular night for your children, family, and friends on Halloween? If you do and haven’t started planning your night of Spooktacular events, we have a solution for you! We have small and large Kusillo masks that will add history and culture to your Halloween party.

masks2The Kusillo is a character from the Aymara and he would pop up throughout Bolivian altipano during the Anata Festival celebrating the beginning of the harvest and the arrival of the rains. What a unique way to celebrate the coming together of family and friends and celebrate the arrival of a new season? These masks will be a fun and unique theme to any Halloween party and allow your guests to become culturally aware of Bolivian characters and make your party unique and meaningful to artisans in Bolivia through your fair trade purchase.

chocoalte3Been too busy planning your Spooktacular events that you haven’t started purchasing your Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters this season? No worries! We have fair trade, chocolates available, that are perfect for all age trick-or-treaters.

chocolate4Be a little unique and different this year with your Halloween candy and share the sweet tastes of the Amazon with organic and healthy chocolates that promote rainforest conservation in Peru. These chocolates are healthy and natural and will make your house the best house on the block for candy this Halloween. If plain chocolate is not your favorite, we also have chocolate covered Brazil nuts that are a delicious, healthy treat that are actually good for you and make a great treat for trick-or-treaters.

Support fair trade this Halloween and support families in Latin America by purchasing these chocolates from Peru and becoming the favored house on the block this Halloween!

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