Family Time is Quality Time

kitsIt’s that time of year. Summer has officially come to an end, college is back in session, children are doing homework daily, parents are back to everyday life, and family time has started to decrease. You come home from work, put dinner on the table and all you can think about is the tasks the next day will bring. What if you could escape the possibilities of tomorrow for a few hours of fun, family time? Well, we have the solution for you!

gum2On our website we sell several kits that will allow your down time at home to become fun, family time for the entire household! You can make your own chocolates, gummies, and gum with your loved ones.

chocolate2It will give you the opportunity to educate your children, while bringing the entire family together during the down time. It will give your mind a break from the stress of work, the tasks of tomorrow, and allow you to relax and really enjoy yourself with the company of your family.

gummies2These kits will also allow your children to go to school excited and enthusiastic about what special treasures lay in their lunch. They can tell their friends and teachers about the snacks they made at home with their family and express their love for family time. Your child will appreciate the time and effort you put into the down time by providing them with these kits that will make their lunchtime snacks unique, fun, and personal.

gumLet’s take a few hours out of our day to appreciate the presents of our family and have a little fun together creating fair trade snacks for the entire family!

Educational Purposes of the kits

gummiesAre you a school or a teacher looking for a fun way to spice up the classroom this fall? Well, these kits are not only a great family bonding experience, but also a great asset to the classroom. The kits would allow students and teachers to work together and create edible works of art. It would teach students to work together with other classmates and build their patience skills, as they put time and effort into their product.

chocolateThese kits are fun and easy! Great for all ages and will really allow children to get back into school in a fun, unique way! So, get your classroom one of these kits and spice up the classroom in a fun, crafty way!

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