Trade – With Care and Compassion

2736-Zardozi-Afghanistan-Embroidery-Handmade-Fabrics-Fair-TradeSince One World Projects opened their doors more than a decade ago, our aim has been to create conscious consumers and a better world through fair and sustainable trade. We work with people and for values, and we believe that there is no greater altruism than to stand up for environmental conservation and fair trade practices. Each organization we partner with in their own manner is focusing their cause to uplift the communities they work in and to protect and conserve nature. One such organization we have been working with for a few years is Zardozi – a Kabul based NGO that helps artisans and refugees find new markets for their crafts.

1868-Tan-Baby-Shoulder-Bag-Zardozi-Afghanistan-Fair-TradeZardozi is known for their intricate and unique patterns. They use pearls and other precious stones to make their crafts. Zardozi hires both male and female artisans and places special emphasis on supporting women – many of whom are widows and sole providers for their families. Zardozi provides all of the training and materials for their artisans to handcraft bags, purses, shawls, and jewelry – and allows them to work from their home. In 2005, Zardozi expanded with 2500 more female artisans from around the country, in addition to the Afghan women living in refugee camps in Pakistan.

Small Toiletry Bags from Afghanistan, available in brown, orange and red Measure: 5 high x 9-3/4 wideZardozi is an important element of Persian cultural culture and handcrafts, and the word Zardozi literally means, “sewing with gold string.”  Zardozi combines traditional craftsmanship and technique with fun and intricate designs, which you can see here in these Small Cosmetic Bags made with some retro flair.These multi-purpose bags are perfect to carry cosmetics, jewelry, or other easily misplaced items. These bags are part of a Zardozi compassionate trade project to provide sustainable incomes for refugees. With your purchase, you help to further these projects and improve the lives of many refugees and artisans, while at the same time supporting environmental conservation and fair trade. To learn more about the products from Zardozi and to make a purchase, click here.

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