Gardening for Growth

Every April, people, organizations, and communities from all over the country celebrate gardening during National Gardening Month. This month is a time to focus on the interdependence between people, plants, and the environment. As gardens multiply and grow, the quality of life for millions of people is impacted by creating a greener and more livable community, and the act of nurturing plants can influence education, health, nutrition, and our food sources.

At One World Projects we have many gardening products to help you be a part of this green celebration and help make this country greener, healthier, and more livable. candy wrapper planterAt OWP, we have gardening essentials made with a unique, eco-friendly twist. We have Recycled Candy Wrapper Planters from India. Made by artisans at Noah’s Ark, these Planters are produced by interwoven candy wrappers and are wounded around a recycled metal frame. We also have Recycled Tire Pots made from recycled rubber tires – an ingenious way to reduce and reuse discarded rubber. And finally, to water your plants, we have a recycled tire watering can. The latter two items are also produced by artisans from Noah’s Ark. Click here to check out all of our gardening products.

This month, be more in rhythm with nature and celebrate gardening by showing your support to the Noah’s Ark organization and their artisans and purchasing some of their gardening products.

About Noah’s Ark

noah's arkNoah’s Ark is an NGO that provides funds for raw materials, machines and workshop repairs to over a hundred artisan groups across India. Noah’s Ark assures that the workshops pay employees fair wages and provide safe and clean working environments. Noah’s Ark also provides education and water sanitation projects that benefit the artisans and their communities. The founder, Samuel Masih, created this organization for a more collaborative environment based on trust and mutual respect.

Thank you for your consideration and continued support.

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