Food For Orphans: Our Promise of Support

Since our organization’s inception, we have built relationships with small, independent businesses across the world that aim at uplifting the communities in which they operate, by helping families earn fair wages and improve their living standards. Unfortunately, though, there are still millions of orphans that suffer from poverty and hunger, and we have made it part of our mission to address these problems by donating 10% of each sale made to causes that work to improve the lives of orphans . One such organization is Food For Orphans, who’s mission is, “to make sure that every orphan receives at least one nutritious meal per day.” food for orphans

Gary and orphansGary VanDyke founded Food For Orphans in 2007, and since then has sought out orphans and provided support for them through their caregivers in countries around the world, including Central African Republic, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Swaziland, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Myanmar and India. With the help of many volunteers and support, Food For Orphans have been working arduously to provide orphans a meal per day and today are known as one of the leading orphan care foundations in the world.

We are committed to this cause and any other organization that makes it their mission to help the less fortunate and make the world a safer and better place. Thank you for your continued support.

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