Water for Life!

On March 22, 1993, the United Nations General Assembly established the observance of World Water Day as a way to promote activities across the globe to conserve the world’s water resources. Now more than ever we must direct our attention at promoting clean water and sustainable aquatic practices and habits. The theme this year is Water and Energy, and the UN system is leading the way for sustainable utilization of energy and water resources for greener industries and a greener world. Since OWP opened its doors 22 years ago, we have partnered with artisans and organizations that operate with an ethical and sustainable philosophy. One of our long time partners, Aptec Peru, located in Lima, Peru, is an artisan collective that creates a range of products with care and maintenance of the natural resources they use in production. The mission of Aptec Peru is to harvest all materials in a sustainable manner, replenish plant life, and maintain water quality, all the while providing fair wages to their artisans.

Shipibo artisan

Shipibo artisan

Flower vases

Aptec Peru employ many artisan groups, one of which is the Shipibo Tribe – one of Peru’s ancient Indigenous Tribes who are dependent on the Amazon river and its tributaries for clean water supply for their daily living tea light holdersneeds. The Shipibo produce a range of products from ceramics, jewelry, textiles, stained glass, and woodwork. Handcrafted by the Shipibo, these pots are beautiful ceramics that will surely add some color and character to your home. These decorative pots have stove stack tops that are perfect for flowers, bamboo, or just set around the house as a nice decor piece. These Shipibo crafts come in a few styles, which include the Flower Vase, Tea Light Holder, or the Rounded Top, and they also come in varying colors as well. Click on those links to learn more or click here to see more items by the Shipibo Tribe.

About The Artisans

aptec peruAptec Peru is part of the International Fair Trade Association, which means they give fair wages to their artisans. Each artisan family that works with Aptec Peru employ the highest environmental protection standards, utilize natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner, and help maintain water quality. Show your support to Aptec Peru and the Shipibo Tribe and take a stand for the more efficient use of energy and water by purchasing one or some of the their beautiful handcrafts. Doing so will not only provide fair wages to the artisans, it will help create a sustainable working environment for them, their communities and our world.

Thank you for celebrating World Water Day with us and for your consideration and support.

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