Celebrate World Forestry Day – The Green and Fair Way

World Forestry Day was established more than 30 years ago by the United Nations General Assembly to remind us of the importance that forests have on this planet and the vital benefits we gain from them. March 21st is World Forestry Day – selected to bring to our consciousness the importance of protecting our forests and their significance to our earth. More than 32 million acres of forest are destroyed annually, and along with the forests many species of animals and plants are lost as well. Furthermore, deforestation is altering the world climate, particularly playing a large role in global warming. Raising public awareness about deforestation and its lasting effects is a major first step. What can you do as a consumer? One thing you can do is recycle, especially paper products. You can also purchase items that come from well-managed sources, especially through recycled items and renewable materials.1808-Candela-Peru-Brazil-Nuts-Oils-Chocolates-Fair-Trade-Organic

scented candlesAt OWP we work hard to make sure the products we import from around the world come from sustainable methods and sources. The Exotic Scented and Unscented Brazilian Nut Candles from our partner Candela Peru are one such example. Candela Peru candles are made from one of the tallest trees of the Amazon, the Brazil Nut tree. The artisans gather the pods with their nuts that have fallen from the tree and sell them in the local markets. Instead of throwing the pods away as waste, the artisans create unique candle holders and fill them with clean-burning wax, palm oil, and a fragrance. You can choose from different colors and scents like Coconut, Evergreen, Twist, Under the Tree, and Vanilla. The Candela Peru candles are handmade, fair trade imported, and preserve the rainforests in which they are made. Purchase these candles and spread the message of World Forestry Day while supporting the local artisans that make these crafts. Click on these links to learn more and see our exotic scented and unscented candle selection.

candle with caption

About the Artisans

Candela Peru is an acronym for Comercio Alternativo de Productos No Tradicionales y Desarrollo para Latino America Peru, which translates “Alternative Trade of Non Traditional Products for the Development of Latin America.” Candela Peru began in Madre de Dios – one of the poorest regions of Peru. The organization provides jobs for more than 260 Peruvian farmers who harvest the Brazil Nut and make different products from it. Candela Peru also strengthen the value chains of their natural products and produce everything with sustainable methods. Their mission is to improve the society and economy of the communities they work with by developing, processing, and trading Peruvian hand-made products. Furthermore, they provide classes on sustainable forest management practices to the local farmers. In 2001, Candela Peru began a certification program that includes using the Peruvian Brazil Nut to make many things such as, Organic Brazil Nut chocolates, organic oils, and figurines. candela peru

Thank you for celebrating our World Forestry Day with us.

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