International Women’s Day: Empowering Women is Progress for All

International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8th. It is a celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women, as well as to celebrate their achievements in society, economy, and politics. The theme this year is inspiring change; equality for women is progress for all. Although there has been a lot of progress over the years for the equality of women, there is still an imbalance, and much more can still be attained. Here are just a couple startling statistics around the world: Women make up more than 50% of the global population, but they earn around 77 cents for every dollar a man earns; women account for over 70% of the population living in absolute poverty – on less than a $1 a day. One of the philosophies of OWP is to empower women because we believe they are a powerful force in society with much to give. Among all the artisans that OWP works with, there are many creative and hardworking women that produce many of the inventive handcrafts that OWP imports from around the world. Consider Eco-Colombia. This artisan group trains women in making plush monkey toys and accessories, and they operate sustainably- conserving and protecting the environment in which they work. By purchasing these plush monkeys you are funding the rehabilitation and conservation of illegally trafficked monkeys, as well as supporting the women that make them. For Women’s Day this 8th of March, please show your support by supporting the millions of women around the world who work hard to support themselves and their families. One option is to support the women of Eco-Colombia and purchase some of their wonderful plush monkeys that kids will adore…as will adults.

ImageThese plush monkeys come in a variety of styles such as hand and finger puppets and scarfs. They also come in an array of colors.Image They are soft, easy to carry around for kids, and above all, they’re adorable! They are also eco-friendly and animal friendly, and the sale of these toys provides fair wages to the women that craft them. The Capuchin, Wooly, and Squirrel plush monkeys come in a monkey and baby duo, each sold separately. Both have velcro hands, which makes them easy to carry for kids. For all you puppeteer enthusiasts, there are different styles of hand puppets that would make a great illustration for story telling. Surely a great way to interact with children. And for those chilly days, you can wrap your neck with style and stay warm wherever you go with plush monkey scarfs that come in a size for adults and another size for kids. Click here to learn more.Image

ImageBy making a plush monkey purchase, you are helping Eco-Colombia’s fight against illegal wildlife poaching activities and participating in the protection of the environment. Thank you for your support.Image

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