Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, it’s the time to show our love and care to our family, friends, and significant others. It can also be a time you show that you also care for the environment by selecting handmade products that not only help the ecosystems in which they are made but also the artisans that make them! Celebrate this Valentine’s day by purchasing organic chocolates from South America that will surely make the person receiving them feel very special.


About The Products

These organic chocolates come straight from the Amazon rainforest. The delicious treats come in three unique flavors: coffee beans, Brazil nuts, or goldenberries, each mixed with chocolate. The story behind them is also unique. The Goldenberries were first harvested many years ago during the Incan civilization, they are an excellent and tasty source of vitamin C and vitamin A that also contain good levels of protein, pectin, fiber, and phosphorous. A snack that people of all ages can enjoy. The Brazilian nuts come from a tree that can live up to 500 years and can grow up to 8 feet in diameter. The nuts themselves are produced from a yellow orchid that grow at the tip of some long leaves at the top-tier of the tree. This hard-shelled fruit is a healthy alternative for kids and adults alike. Along with these chocolates being healthy and natural, they also promote rainforest conservation as well as give fair wages to the people who make them. Your Valentine will really appreciate the thoughtfulness of these chocolates filled with love and compassion for the planet and its inhabitants. Click here to learn more.

ImageIf do-it-yourself is something you enjoy, we also have a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit that comes from the beautiful Costa Rica, and discover why the Aztecs believed the cacao tree was sent from paradise. As always, each and every product we sell promotes fair trade, and this kit is no different. It is made by Verve – a women owned organization that pays fair wages to the cacao farmers of Costa Rica, as well as give educational opportunities for children there as well. So this Valentine’s day share a fun chocolate-making-experience with that special someone! Click here to learn more.

Meet Our Artisans

candela peru artisan

 Candela Peru is a non-profit organization that works with more than 260 farmers in one of the poorest regions of  Peru. They specialize in the collection and processing of Brazil nuts. Candela Peru helps improve the standard of  living of its farmers by paying them fair wages, and they also stand for the conservation of rainforests. All of their  products are organic and are harvested from naturally grown forest trees.

The Verve is a women owned organization founded in 1992 in Guatemala. They are a socially and environmentally friendly Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 7.19.32 PMorganization that provide fair employment opportunities to their farmers and harvesters from around the globe, including their cocoa producers from Costa Rica. They represent green business in all facets of their organization, from recyclable and biodegradable packaging to joining other organizations to promote the expansion of forests. By purchasing these products you are also taking part of this philosophy to care for the environment and promoting fair trade!

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