Happy Fair Trade New Year!

With the New Year also comes a chance to make some much needed changes in our lives. This New Year, we encourage you to commit to be a conscious shopper and pledge to buy more Fair Trade products! This New Year could be the perfect time to add a new twist to your home with these amazing products from One World Projects!

About the products

Candles are a great way to bring a soft, natural light to a gloomy area. Bring light and joy to your home with these interesting and beautiful lanterns. All the way from India, these lanterns are a great way to bring a piece of the east into your home while illuminating without using electricity! First, we have this gorgeous, hand-made Geometric Lantern from India (left). The design on the lattice is actually inspired from a traditional Persian design called jaali. This luxurious pattern was originally reserved for the most important pieces of architecture, being carved out of precious stone. This version is carved from recycled metal, so not only would you be bringing beauty and culture into your home, but you also help the environment. We also offer this equally beautiful Honeycomb Lantern from India (not pictured). The Honeycomb Lantern also follows the beautiful jaali pattern, and is also handmade, Fair Trade, and recycled!

For a more colorful alternative, we recommend this Recycled Metal Lantern from India (right). This lantern comes in 3 color varieties: green, blue, and pink stained glass. With spring right around the corner, these handmade lanterns are the perfect way to throw a colorful shade of light on a patio party, barbeque, or create the perfect warm mood indoors. This handmade, Fair Trade lantern is also recycled, so mother nature will really appreciate your purchase!

About the artisans

All of these recycled lanterns comes from the amazing Indian artisan collective, Noah’s Ark! Noah’s Ark is a non-government organization that produces all types of handmade Fair Trade goods. The collective oversees over 100 different artisan groups and ultimately employs over 600 different artisans. That means 600 artisans earning a livable wage, and having their financial and physical safety taken care of! Not only that, Noah’s Ark offers classes and other educational opportunities to their employees, so they have the opportunity to improve their lives further through knowledge and training. If that’s not enough to convince you to buy Noah’s Ark’s products, the collective also produces a wealth of recycled products. It’s easy to see that Noah’s Ark really cares about the environment!

This New Year, support Fair Trade and Noah’s Ark to protect worker’s rights and the environment!

Thank you for supporting One World Projects!

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