More Fair Trade Recycled Holiday Decorations!

Did you know that metal can take 50-200 years to biodegrade naturally into the environment? Now more than ever, we need to make recycling a priority so that our sustainable habits will bring balance to nature and benefit the generations to come. One World Projects supports recycled projects, Fair Trade, and we can help you decorate your home as well! Check out these amazing recycled decorations from India.

These handmade Recycled Angel Ornaments from India  (left) are perfect for decorating your tree, wreath, or even your window this Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 7.15.20 PMholiday season. This piece is made by hand with care and comes with a red ribbon for hanging. You will surly be surprised when you purchase these cute decorations. The angels are sold separately for $6.00, but look best when they’re with their other angel friends! You can also purchase a Set of 3 Recycled Metal Angels from India (below) for $18.50. Since the pieces are recycled, you never know exactly how the ornament will look. These carefully handmade decorations are also great gifts. What an excellent way to spread holiday cheer and to encourage your friends and family to respect Mother Nature as well! Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 7.15.35 PMBoth of these recycled angel decorations come from our partner, the exceptional artisan group Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark is actually a non-government organization that offers safe and sustainable employment for over 600 artisans throughout the Indian subcontinent. Not only are artisans paid a living wage (10-15% above local average), but they also benefit from free artisan classes. They are also active in their communities, promoting child welfare, education, and water sanitation to those in need.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 7.14.40 PMShifting our story all the way over to Western Africa now, one of the biggest pollutants of landfills is actually bug repellant spray. In Mali, Malaria is a huge problem, but is easily preventable with items like bug nets or repellent spray. Mali chic is one organization that has found a solution by recycling bug spray cans, as well as other metal containers. When you buy this Anti-Malaria Can Angel Ornament from Mali, (above) you’re helping them reach their goal of 6951-Mali-Chic-Textiles-Mud-Cloth-Metal-Sculptures-Home-Decor-Fair-Tradereducing metal in landfills. Not only do the artisans earn a Fair Wage, but also have the choice of working together or in their homes, giving them a sustainable, safe, and comfortable way to earn income for their families. Currently, the company has 14 full-time employees, as well as 200 artisan partners in Mali.

Please support Mali Chic, Noah’s Ark, and One World Projects this holiday season. And remember to recycle!


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