Fair Trade Festivities from the Philippines!

The holiday season will soon be upon us and that means now is a great time to start buying decorations for your home! This year, you can give one of the best gifts possible: the gift of sustainable employment for artisans overseas and the gift of protecting the environment. Keep reading this blog to learn more!

About the products

9715-Recycled-Paper-Green-White-Christmas-Trees-Philippines-Fair-Trade-Paper-CapersThis cute and eco-friendly Paper Christmas Tree Decoration (let) comes from Antipolo City, Philippines. The trees are made from recycled paper, so you’re helping keep landfills cleaner. These handmade trees are sold separately for just 10$ in the small size or $13 in the large size. Combine large and small pieces to make your very own decorative Christmas tree farm! You could even combine the paper trees with the Juice Wrapper Trees (below). Both trees are handmade, but the juice wrapper variety is more 9721-Recycled-Juice-Wrapper-Christmas-Trees-Philippines-Fair-Trade-Paper-Capers (1)colorful, and feature different wrappers making them all unique. Juice wrappers take even longer to biodegrade. When you buy these trees you’re doing mother nature a huge favor by keeping landfills clear of plastic! The small variety retails for $6.50 and the large goes for just $10! Both kinds of recycled tree decorations are handmade in the Philippines and imported under the principles of Fair Trade.

9602-Recycled-Cardboard-Red-Santa-Ornament-Philippines-Fair-Trade-Paper-CapersWhen it comes to Christmas Tree ornaments, recycled paper decorations is the way to go! This Fair Trade Santa Ornament is the perfect way to keep family traditions alive while also teaching your loved ones about the importance of recycling. These little Santa ornaments are perfect for your own tree, or can make great gifts. There are two varieties: Santa with Tree  ($5.50) and Santa with Star (above) ($8.50) ornaments. Both are hand made and Fair Trade!

About the artisans


Paper Capers Artisans

All of these tree decorations are made by Paper Capers International, which is an artisan collective founded in Quezon City, Philippines. What started out as a manufacturer of women’s fashion accessories has grown to a facility that is able to process raw materials into various decorations, as well as provide housing accommodations for their artisans. Most of the raw materials is collected from junk yards and landfills, and then cleaned and sorted before it is made into beautiful artisan goods. As a Fair Trade organization, Paper Capers pays their workers a living wage and guarantees their safety at work. When you buy Paper Capers products, not only are you helping mother nature, your giving an artisan a sustainable, health way to generate income for their families.

Thank you for supporting Paper Capers and One World Projects!


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