Thankful for Fair Trade!

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays for many reasons. It’s a perfect time to see loved ones. It’s a much needed relaxing break from work or school, and of course it’s the food! One World Projects has some great Fair Trade accessories to complete your Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends.

About the Products

5743-Woven-Cotton-Wine-Waiter-Guatemala-Upavim-Fair-TradeWine has traditionally been a staple in Thanksgiving celebrations in North America. Keep a firm grip on your chilled white wine or prevent red wine from making a mess with this Fair Trade Cotton Wine Waiter (left)from Guatemala. This wine waiter (also sometimes called a wine butler) not one keeps things nice and clean, but is also a cute fashion accessory for your bottle! If you’re giving your wine as a gift, it’s great to put that wine in a bag. Why not give your wine the Fair Trade way this 7049-Wine-Bags-Handwoven-Fabric-Maya-Works-Guatemala-Fair-Tradeholiday season? One World Projects sells a Multicolored Wine Bag (right) also from Guatemala. This bag is a unique way to wrap your family’s or neighbor’s gift and the colors really pop! Both of these wine bottle accessories are handmade and Fair Trade imported from Guatemala.

5770-Round-Cinnamon-Clove-Trivet-Guatemala-Upavim-Fair-TradeProbably the most well-known Thanksgiving ritual, serving of the meal is an integral part of the holiday. This Thanksgiving, you can bring the smell of of cinnamon and cloves or fresh coffee simply by setting your hot dishes on the table! One World Projects has filled round trivets (top left) that do just that. These Fair Trade trivets from Guatemala are both functional and unique. The added aroma can create a relaxing and pleasant environment for you and your friends and family. The trivets come in two different aromas: Cinnamon and Cloves and Coffee. The trivets are 5756-Square-Cinnamon-Clove-Trivet-Guatemala-Upavim-Fair-Tradefilled with real herbs or beans, and come in 3 colors: Earth Tone, Purple & Black, and Rainbow. One World Projects also offers square trivets in  small and large sizes (right). Both sizes are Cinnamon & Cloves.

About the artisans

4331-Upavim-Artisans-Handmade-Fair-Trade-Women-Healthcare-Daycare-Education-La-Esperanza-GuatemalaAll of the above products come from the UPAVIM artisans of Guatemala City. UPAVIM is an exceptional group of female artisans who have been saved from economic marginalization by the collective. The collective is comprised of women from many different walks of life: mothers, homemakers, widows. All of them have one thing in common, which is summed up by the acronym of their collective: Unidas Para Vivir Mejor, or united to live better in Spanish. Not only does UPAVIM allow these women to earn a Fair Wage through artistry, but the collective is able to provide many necessary services they need to survive. UPAVIM has already opened a healthcare clinic and an education facility to benefit their communities. Now, not only 4326-Upavim-Artisans-Handmade-Fair-Trade-Women-Healthcare-Daycare-Education-La-Esperanza-Guatemalathe artisans are paid a fair wage, but also the nurses and teachers who work for the collective as well. This Thanksgiving, think of all the things you are thankful for, and consider how thankful the employees of UPAVIM will be if you continue purchasing their Fair Trade Products.

Thank you for supporting Fair Trade and One World Projects!


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