Flavorful Fair Trade Chocolates from Peru

Last week, we had a blog about the health benefits of Brazil but oil and we also learned about how CANDELA Peru uses their sales to help preserve the environment. This week we have more great products from Peru and you can learn even more about the ecological preservation in South America.

420-Organic-Chocolate-Covered-Brazil-Nuts-Coffee-Beans-Golden-Berries-Fair-Trade-Candela-PeruFrom CANDELA Peru, One World Projects sells these delicious Fair Trade Chololate-covered Brazil nuts. Similar to Macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts are rich in nutrients and protein. The nuts and dark chocolate are 100% USDA organic, so they make a tasty and healthy snack! If you just want the chocolate without the nuts, we also offer flavored organic chocolate pieces. The chocolate pieces come in three flavors: Brazil nut, Coffee bean, or Goldenberry. 8577-CHOCOLATE-BRAZIL-NUTS-GOLDEN-BERRY-COFFEE-ORGANIC-FAIR-TRADE-PERU-CANDELAAll three varieties are infused with the flavors of the amazon rainforest. Brazil nuts, goldenberries, and especially coffee are important crops in the region. For those unfamiliar with the goldenberry, the plant is indigenous to Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. The berry is high in antioxidants and fiber, and makes for an exotically smart snack.

Peru has one of the highest areas of tropical rainforest in the world. In fact, a significant portion (almost 15%) of the Amazon rainforest is found in the South American nation. It is believed that a fifth of the world’s oxygen is produced from the Amazon. Unfortunately, Peru has seen about a 50% increase in Amazonian deforestation over the last year. Much of the deforestation is due to both legal and illegal logging. Logging is an important industry in Peru, but there are other more ethical and environmentally friendly industries. The harvest of Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, goldenberries, and brazil nuts is a great way to start. By purchasing these products, you’re helping workers in Peru earn a fair wage. Not only that, but CANDELA Peru ensures that farmers are learning the best techniques the be respectful towards the fragile ecosystem. They work directly with leading ecological preservation organizations such as AFIMAD (Asociación Forestal Indígena de Madre de Dios or Madre de Dios Indigenous Forestry Association in English) and ASECESS (Asociación de Extractores Ecológicos del Sector Sabaluyoc or Association of Ecological Extractors in the Sabaluyoc Area in English) to ensure the extraction of natural goods is performed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
Consider purchasing CANDELA Peru products from One World Projects to support fair wages and preservation of the Amazon.

Thank you for supporting One World Projects and Fair Trade!


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