Organic, Delicious Brazil Nut Oil from Candela Peru

One World Projects has some great gifts and apparel, but did you know we also love to cook? Keep reading to learn about Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, the farmers, and the environmental impact your purchase makes!


Brazil nuts

Once used only in cosmetics, Brazil nut oil is a growing trend in everything culinary. Brazil nuts are a super food that are rich in omega fatty acids, which are the good fats your body needs to maintain healthy cell function. These fatty acids also lower the risk of heart disease. Brazil nut oil is great for the skin. You can actually apply it directly to the skin and hair as a moisturizer and shine agent. After regular consumption of the oil, you will also start to notice a healthy difference in the appearance of your skin and hair! Brazil nut oil is great for frying, dips, salad dressing, or even baking! Brazil nut oil has a unique buttery, nutty flavor that  brings a new twist to your favorite recipes.

Tambopata-Candamo, Peru Collecting Brazil Nut "Cocos"

Candela Peru artisan

The oil comes from the Candela Peru artisans from the rural area called Madre de Dios. The region is quite poor, but the Brazil nut oil business is booming. Unfortunately, many of the farmers don’t have the knowledge or resources to gather the nuts in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Candela Peru is attempting to change all of that by working with over 260 Peruvian farmers. Thanks to Candela, the farmers are able to produce oil in the most efficient manner to maximize their profits, while also implementing initiatives designed to protect the fragile tropical forest environment. Thanks to Candela’s success, they have been able to develop their own Organic Certification program in 2001. Candela Peru Brazil nut oil is now USDA organic. Now, they work with local farmers to teach them how to make their own organic Brazil nut oil. They also offer courses in sustainable forest management to ensure the Brazil nut business thrives in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.

432-Organic-Brazil-Nut-Oil-Original-Toasted-Basil-Chili-Fair-Trade-Candela-PeruBy buying from Candela Peru, you are using your dollar to say support sustaining the biological diversity of Peru. If this sounds like a great idea to you, take a look at the Brazil nut oil One World Projects has for sale. We have 4 different organic flavors: original, toasted, basil, and chili. Original and toasted come in 3.7 oz and 8.5 oz sizes. In the 3.7 oz size, you can buy all four great flavors of Brazil nut oil. As always, all of our products are 100% Fair Trade imported ensuring our suppliers earn a Fair Wage.

Thank you for supporting Candela Peru and One World Projects!



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