Fair Trade Fragrances from Silence

Our last few blogs have been about products and artisans from India and Pakistan. This post is no exception! Today you’ll learn about some great Fall decorations for your home and a very exceptional group of artisans.

About the products


Sandalwood Comfort Box from India

Candles are perfect for this time of year. They give just the right amount of light, warmth, and create an inviting atmosphere for your living space. This fall, consider some great Fair Trade fragrance products from One World Projects. From India, we have some comfort boxes that are great for both body and spirit. The box includes handmade soap and a loofah, candles, and incense sticks. Incense is an important part of Indian culture and has been made on the subcontinent for ages. Fragrance boxes are ideal for pampering yourself at home. They also make great gifts (it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping!) There are two varieties: Sandalwood Fragrance Comfort Box and Lavender Fragrance Comfort Box (top left). Also from India, One World Projects also 9521-Unscented-Candles-Layered-Square-India-Fair-Trade-Silencehas single candles for sale. The Ombré Layered Candles (left) are more simple than the Comfort Box, but just as decorative. Featuring a spiraled block design, these colorful candles are Fair 9502-Coconut-Shell-Candles-Scented-India-Fair-Trade-SilenceTrade imported from India! Finally, for those with a more tropical style, Coconut Shell Candles (right) do just the trick. These candles are made from actual reused coconut shells. The shell is flame resistant so no need to worry about starting a fire. The candle is also durable so you will get many hours of burning our of it!

About the artisans


Silence Artisans

All of the above products come from a group called Silence. This group of artisans is truly unlike any other. Silence was started by a group of deaf and mute individuals from Kolkata, India. All were highly creative and wanted to use their skills to make something. It started with hand-made cards, which became so popular around the world that it allowed them to move on to other products like candles, incense, and jewelry. Today, Silence has it’s own building in Kolkata where it trains 30 differently-abled students each year in digital and traditional forms of art. The students are able to study for six months for free, allowing them to take charge of their future. Silence is a truly exceptional organization. Not only are all Silence artisans paid a fair way, they also are ensured free healthcare, and even life insurance. Today, Silence has a workshop, training center and its own store in Kolkata. Silence is growing and will continue to grow with the support of those who choose to buy their Fair Trade products.

You can help the Silence artisans in their continued success buy considering making a purchase from them today. Thank you for supporting Silence and One World Projects!


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