Fair Trade Rugs for Fall

Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season of the year. The transformation plants undergo brings out gorgeous colors in nature. One World Projects has a great way to bring the amazing colors of fall into your home!

About the products

2644-Felt-Wool-Carpet-Rug-Garden-Design-Turkmens-Women-Association-AfghanistanAfghan rugs are prized for their quality, detail, and beautiful design. Afghan rug weaving has been practiced for thousands of years. Their superior quality and time consuming production process has made them traditionally quite expensive. One World Projects is able to bring you these second-to-none rugs at a reasonable price all while paying their artisans a livable wage. For just $84, this 33″ (84 cm) Felt Rug with Garden of Flower (top left) could be yours. The rugs features a beautiful floral design and the felt is made from wool so it keeps your feet cozy! One World Projects also 2659-Felt-Wool-Carpet-Rectangle-Rug-Diamond-Design-Turkmens-Women-Association-Afghanistansells a Felt Rug with Diamond Design (bottom right). Also from Afghanistan, this rectangular rug measures 33″ x 48″ inches (1 square meter). Both of these rugs are made from local afghan sheep wool. Sheep wool is very animal friendly because the sheep are not harmed when they’re sheered. The use of local wool also helps local farms and shepherds thrive economically.

About the artisans


TWARA Artisans

The Turkman Women’s Active Rights Association (TWARA) is a non-government organization based in Kabul, Afghanistan. Beginning unofficially in 2002 and officially in 2005, TWARA’s goal is to provide women with an education and inform them about their legal rights. Most of the artisans are women and most of them come from northern Turkmen tribes. The majority of the women are refugees who have historically experienced discrimination based on their race or gender. TWARA helps these women avoid further economic marginalization by the employment and resources they need to sustain themselves. The artisans receive training to develop their skills and receive the tools they need to sell their products on a global scale. The women also have the opportunity to grow beyond TWARA. If they want to become entrepreneurs, TWARA helps them find the grants and obtain the credit they need to do so. TWARA is improving the lives of Turkmen women in Afghanistan by ensuring they earn a fair wage, receive a decent education, and understand their rights as citizens. Your purchase of rugs from the TWARA artisan collective gives Turkmen women security in the present and hope for their future.

Thank you for supporting One World Projects and the Turkmen Women’s Active Rights Association!


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