Fall Fair Trade Fashion from One World Projects

One World Projects has some amazing Fair Trade treats for your fall wardrobe this year. Don’t let this season pass you up without taking a look at these gorgeous handmade scarves from two different artisan collectives. Take a look!


Artisans drying recently dyed cloth.

Here’s a little information about the first artisan group. First, we have some beautiful Kalamkari scarved from the South Indian Producers Association. SIPA’s goal since 1986 has been to empower women with regular employment opportunities, promote sustainability, and support artisan crafts. SIPA  actually works with 30 different artisan collectives across the southern part of the Indian subcontinent. In total, SIPA helps over 5000 artisans and their families produce and market their handmade goods. The use of natural and local raw goods is a requirement, as is the responsible disposal of waste. Not only is SIPA a green business, but it also holds the distiction of being a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. Buy buying products from SIPA, you are ensuring artists (many of whom are women) will be supported financially and socially. SIPA helps provide artisans the tools they need to sustain themselves and ensures the socioeconomic well-being of their families.

4100-Kalamkari-Scarves-Floral-Prints-India-Fair-Trade-SIPA One World Projects has some amazing scarves from the South India Producer’s Association. First up, we have Floral Kalamkari Scarf (left). The scarf is two-sided, making it completely reversible! This scarf is completely hand-made using the greenest of production methods. Made from 100% natural cotton, this Fair Trade imported accessory is made using natural vegetable dyes. Vegetable dyes are a much more renewable and eco-friendly alternative to their synthetic counterparts. The scarf comes in four color varieties: Burgundy & Black, 4090-Kalamkari-Scarves-Geometric-Prints-India-Fair-Trade-SIPABurgundy & Blue, Burgundy & Thistle, and All Burgundy (non-reversible). Also from SIPA, One World Projects sells a Geometric Kalamkari Scarf (right). Just like the Floral scarf, the Geometric is made from 100% natural cotton and colored using sustainable vegetable dye, and is also reversible. The Geometric Kalamkari Scarf comes in 5 different colors/patterns: Shell Print, Pyramid Print, Circle Print, Checkered Print and Spiral Print.


Nasima Silks artisans spinning cloth.

We also have some great scarves from an artisan group with an incredible story. Nasima Silks is a Fair Trade organization in Afghanistan dedicated to reviving Afghanistan’s Silk industry and paying women fair wages. Afghan silk was once known to be of the highest quality, but over the last few years it has become increasingly difficult for the industry to thrive. Reduced water and electricity supplies makes it almost impossible to dye the silk, but Nasima Silks does what it can to aide artisans in their production. Many of the artisans are women, and Nasima Silks always ensures they are paid a fair wage and gain a constant source of income. Nasima Silks works to provide women with freedom and independence, and promotes peace and non-violence in Afghanistan. By supporting Nasima Silks you are supporting the effort to improve the lives of women, ensuring they always have fair-paying jobs as silk artisans.

7682-Silk-Scarves-Nasimas-Afghanistan-Fair-TradeWe have a few different kinds of scarves from Nasima Silks. First we have these fun Silk Scarves with Stripes (left). The scarf is made from pure Afghan silk and is also handwoven and died in Afghanistan. It comes in five different varities: Blue, Bronze, Gold, Pink, and Purple. We also have a Striped Silk Shawl with Tassles (right). The shawl can be worn in a variety of different7707-Silk-Shawls-Striped-Saleh-Afghanistan-Fair-Trade ways, and comes in three colors: Burgundy, Palm, and Turquoise. Both of these scarves are made from pure silk, which is great for winter since it’s warm and breathable. Through your purchase of these beautiful Fair Trade scarves, you’re ensuring fair wages for the artisans, helping empower women, and supporting peace.

Thank you for standing with One World Projects as well as Nasima Silks and the South Indian Producers Association!


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