Freaky Fair Trade Halloween Decorations!

A few weeks ago, One World Projects wrote a blog about our Halloween gourds featured in Insight Magazine. With Halloween quickly approaching, we’d like to tell you a little bit more about the gourds and the artisans who make them.

5324-Gourd-Decorative-Box-Large-Spider-Spiders-Halloween-Arte-En-Mate-Peru-Fair-TradeThese cute, handcrafted gourd containers come from the Andes mountains in Peru, where gourd carving is an ancient celebrated tradition. These gourds are perfect for keeping candy, spooky party favors, or for simply decorating your house this Halloween. The gourd featured in Insight Magazine is the Spider Halloween Gourd Box (pictured left; large and small sizes available), but we also have a number 4616-Carved-Bat-Gourd-Halloween-Ornaments-Peru-Fair-Trade-Arte-En-Mateof other Halloween items for sale. Also from Peru, this Bat Gourd Ornament (right) is great for anywhere in the house. But, the ornament is really ideal for hanging. Perhaps you can impress your friends by being the first in the neighborhood by showing off a uniquely decorated Halloween tree! Last but not least, a good Jack-o-Lantern is a staple for any Halloween themed 4649-Carved-Pumpkin-Gourd-Box-Halloween-Arte-En-Mate-Peru-Fair-Tradehome. Why not go Fair Trade with this year’s festivities? One World Projects has everything you need! This Jack-o-Lantern gourd (left) comes with it’s own battery operated candle (using a candle not recommended). Unlike a normal pumpkin the gourd is durable and long-lasting, you no longer need to worry about buying a new one each year.

Medina Handicrafts Artisans

All of the aforementioned Halloween gourds come from Medina Handicrafts, a family-run artisan collective from Huancayo, Peru. Tito Medina is the man behind Medina Handicrafts. Tito’s family has been in the gourd carving business for four generations, and his family now employs 20 other artisans. Gourd carving creates employment where work can be hard to come by. Medina Handicrafts is a Fair Trade artisan group. Medina artisans right’s are always a top priority; Tito ensures that the artisans receive a stable salary and that their workload is consistent.

Tito Medina has become somewhat of an internationally renowned gourd carver. He and his wife Bertha have traveled as far as New Mexico to show off their skills at the Santa Fe Folk Art Festival. Click here to see how Tito does a typical gourd carving. Bertha Medina is also an incredibly gifted gourd carver herself!

Purchase these Fair Trade works of art and these beautiful heirlooms could be yours to own! Please help the Medina artisans of Peru avoid economic marginalization by ensuring the artisans will always have work pursuing their passion or carving gourds.

Thank you for supporting the Medina Handicrafts artisans and One World Projects!


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