Adorable Animal Booties from Kenana Knitters

Fall is right around the corner and that means it’s the perfect time to start stocking up on everything your child needs for upcoming weather. One World Projects has some great products that you and your baby will love this season.

bootiesAll the way from the nation of Kenya, these booties are a fun, fashionable and Fair Trade addition to your child’s autumn wardrobe. The boots are made from 100% sheep wool so your baby’s feet will always be warm and cozy, and not to mention cute! The booties come in three varieties inspired by some of Africa’s most famous animals: Lion, Zebra, and Elephant. Each variety comes in three sizes. The smallest size is for infants 0-6 months old (measuring 3 inches). The medium size is for babies 6-24 months and measures 5 inches. The largest size is for toddlers 2-3 years old and is 7 inches. Certain varieties may be back ordered in some sizes, so check our website frequently! All booties are knitted by hand by our wonderful artisans are are Fair Trade imported.

These adorable boots are made by the women of Kenana Knitters, an artisan

Group of artisans Kenana Knitters.

Group of artisans from Kenana Knitters.

group founded in 1998 in Njoro Kenya. The main goal for Kenana is to provide work for women who have an otherwise difficult time earning income. Njoro is an area whose economic opportunities rely mostly on the agriculture industry. Although there are jobs available, it it much harder for women to find work here than it is for men. Additionally, farming often doesn’t pay enough for Kenyans to pay all their necessary expenses. One World Projects works with Kenana to make sure these amazing artisans skills help them earn a decent living. Kenana also works to give them the resources they need to overcome the challenges facing so many women living in Sub-Saharan Africa. For example, they are provided with a free health clinic that includes crucial medical treatment and HIV tests. Education is also important, so Kenana has initiated a literacy program to help the artisans learn to read and write.

As if all this isn’t enough to make you admire the Kenana Knitters, you will also be pleased to learn that the organizations operations are extremely sustainable and eco-friendly. Instead of using synthetic dyes that are harmful to the environment, they use a plant based dye that comes from a flower. Also, the wool is gathered locally and recycled bicycles are used as spindles, so electricity is not needed.

Your purchase of these adorable booties helps the women of Kenana Knitters earn a sustainable income and also provides the services needed to overcome their obstacles. Kenana provides a safe work environment where all workers are treated fairly and earn a living wage.

Thank you for supporting The Kenana Knitters and One World Projects.


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