New York Gift Show

Nyshow1From August 14-22, One World Projects had the pleasure of showing off our Fair Trade products at the New York Gift Show in New York City. We had a fulfilling time meeting new customers, and it was such a pleasure being able to network with other Fair Trade businesses.

Couldn’t make it to the show? No problem! We captured the best moments for you and we have all the info on how you can purchase our wonderfully hand-made Fair Trade products.

guatemalabagsFirst up, we have these handwoven shoulder bags from Guatemala. These bags come in five stylish colors and as always are Fair Trade produced. The bags are produced by artisans from De Colores Art which keeps part of the indigenous population employed by allowing them to create these beautiful traditional crafts. De Colores employs 30 women and 18 men who otherwise would have a very hard time finding a way to make money.

canldles1These wonderfully sustainable unscented candles were also on display at the New York Gift Show. The candles are made in Peru from Brazil nuts. One World Projects works with an artisan group called Candela Peru to produce these candles in a sustainable and environmentally sustainable way. By buying these candles you are not only helping the Candela Peru artisans, but you are helping conserve the Amazon rainforest as well. Also, when the candle is out, you can throw it away and it will biodegrade naturally. We also sell a healing scented version of this candle.

Last but not least, these cow gourd ornaments are a fun and Fair Trade way to Nyshow3decorate your home. Made in the Andes Mountains by Esperanza and Raquel artisans, this delightful gourd will bring a smile to both children and adults. Gourd craft is tradition in the Andes Mountain region. One World Projects and our wonderful customers help keep these artisans employed by doing what they love.

Thank you for supporting One World Projects and artisans worldwide!


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