Splendidly Hair-Raising Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to decorate your home than with sustainable, Fair Trade products?

securedownloadTake a look at these intricately hand-carved spider gourd boxes from Peru which were recently featured in Insight Magazine (left). The gourd boxes are carved by skilled artisans of Tito Medina from the Andes Mountains of Peru. Gourd carving is a traditional form of Peruvian artistry. Artisans’ skills are passed down from e generation to generation and now you have the chance to make these beautiful handmade heirlooms a part of your Halloween decorations. Your purchase helps the Tito Medina artisans continue their family traditions and their careers as artisans. Gourds are naturally long lasting, but when their time expires, you can throw them away guilt-free since Gourds are naturally biodegradable. Fair Trade and environmentally friendly, these gourd boxes are the perfect Halloween decoration!

Thank you for Supporting Fair Trade and One World Projects!


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