Back to school the Fair Trade way

Are you shopping for new school supplies for your child? Look no further! One World Projects has a range of great products to fit your child’s back to school needs.

9439-Recycled-Fabric-Blue-Green-Patchwork-Backpack-India-Fair-Trade-LakshyaHere is a stylist, gorgeously handmade patchwork backpack (pictured left) from India. These backpacks come from Lakshya an organization from a poor suburb near Delhi, where two brothers set up a youth rehabilitation center nine years ago. Today, Lakshya works with young Indian children who have run away from home. The money earned from the sales of these bags go towards helping the children earn their education, re9401-Recycled-Fabric-Burgundy-Red-Patchwork-Messenger-Bags-India-Fair-Trade-Lakshyaceive vocational training, and helps them pay their everyday living expenses. If messenger bags are more your child’s style, go with the patchwork messenger bag, also from Lakshya (pictured right). These backpacks are a great way to give your kids what they need while also helping children who are more needy.

1293-Hand-Made-Wooden-Pencil-Box-Inlay-Mango-Shesham-India-Fair-Trade-Noahs-ArkFor a great place to keep all your child’s school supplies, consider this wooden pencil box (left) from India. This box is a much more sustainable option than aluminum or plastic boxes. The wood comes from a sustainably grown tree called Indian Rosewood. The trees are grown by a government organization and it is guaranteed that a new tree is replanted for every tree that is cut down. This pencil box is made by artisans from an organization called Noah’s Ark. Since 1986 Noah’s Ark has been providing sustainable and safe work opportunities for skilled artists in India.

5820-Weave-Laptop-Sleeve-Guatemala-Upavim-Fair-TradeFor those who use a computer in high school or college, it may be time to buy a new laptop sleeve. One World Projects has come up with the solution by partnering with UPAVIM Crafts, a cooperative in Guatemala. UPAVIM stands for Unidas Para Vivir Mejor (United for a Better Life) and provides employment for economically marginalized Guatemalan women. Many of the women who work for UPAVIM are single mothers with children to feed. Your purchase of these Guatemalan cotton laptop sleeves (left) not only ensure a Fair Wage for these women, but also supports their social welfare, healthcare, and the furtherance of their education.

Thank you for shopping and One World Projects and supporting Fair Trade!


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