Sustainable South American Tagua Products

This is the third of a three part series about One World Project’s passion to protect wildlife by promoting tagua as an alternative to ivory.


            In the first part of the series, we discussed how unethical ivory trade’s affect on elephant populations. The second blog talked about the importance of replacing animal ivory with tagua, a sustainable hard fruit that can be carved into beautiful handmade items. One World Projects offers a variety of sustainable, fair trade and ethically produced tagua products.

             Piel Acida is a fair trade organization that employs some of our artisans who create wonderful works of art with tagua. Based in Bogota, Colombia, Piel Acida works with artisans throughout the country to help them earn a living wage and sell their exquisite tagua crafts. For example, this beautiful hand-made green and blue tagua stick necklace (left). Piel Acida artisans also make these unique purple tagua earrings (more colors available in green, brown, and black). These trendy handmade pieces of jewelry will make you feel both beautiful and good about your purchase since each item sold helps to protect the rainforest and keep artisans employed. If bracelets are more your style, check out this equally sustainable red tagua bracelet (right) from Joyeria Semilla, another outstanding fair trade tagua artisan collective based in Colombia. All said items are sustainably made, preserving delicate the rainforests of South America as well as boosting the Colombian economy. 

             One World Projects has also partnered with Naya Nayon, a non-government organization based in Ecuador that works with tagua artisans to help sustain the rainforest and work opportunities to skilled artisans. Naya Nayon artisans make several handcrafted tagua crafts that are perfect for any summer outfit. For example, this red heart pendant (left) is made with unconditional love and care in Ecuador. Last but not least, this large elephant figurine (right) is a delightful decoration that will serve to remind you of the elephants you are saving by buying botanical ivory in place of traditional ivory. All Naya Nayon artisan goods are 100% fair trade as well as eco-friendly. By working together to increase demand for tagua products, we can help safeguard fragile rainforests and frail elephant populations.

We thank you for your care for our planet and beloved elephants!


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