Doing Good While Being Green in India

We know you care about the environment and at One World Projects, we too care deeply about the world and are doing our part to help clean it up by supporting tire recycling projects around the world.

8b02669vA major pollutant affecting the earth today is scrap rubber. Due to the rapid industrialization of many nations along with the increased demand for cars and tires, rubber pollution has become a serious problem. As of today, scientists have yet to discover any microorganism that helps rubber tires biodegrade naturally into the soil. This means it takes them so long to decompose, there is no time frame to tell how long it takes.  This means huge problems for future generations as landfills continue to fill with tires. What solutions do we have today that can help this soon-to-be global catastrophe? 

One solution is to recycle and reuse the rubber that is filling the landfills. Not only does this remove non-biodegradable trash from our landfills, it uses less fossil fuel to recycle the rubber than it does to produce it from scratch. This means less pollution of both the air and the land. Additionally, recycling tires reduces the environmental impact they cause by extracting natural rubber from Rubber Trees, which can devastate delicate ecosystems in places like South America and Southeast Asia.

At One World Projects, we do have a solution that protects the environment and, provides a livelihood for those in need. OWP has partnered with Noah’s Ark, a non-government organization (NGO) that helps reuse tires and works with over 600 artisans throughout the Indian subcontinent. Noah’s Ark helps these artisans stay employed and earn a livable wage, while guaranteeing they have safe working conditions and an education.

Recycled Tire Watering CanPerfect for gardening season, one of the products made by Noah’s Ark artisans is this recycled tire watering can (pictured), which you can purchase from One World Projects. Each purchase of a watering can has both an immediate impact and a future impact. Your purchase helps to ensure artisans in India are able to sustain themselves in safe working conditions while having an opportunity for an education and, it also helps protect our planet for future generations.

Please see all of our recycled tire items including wallets and purses at

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