Sustainable Employment in Pakistan through Fair Trade

Lacquer Pencil Holder

Lacquer Pencil Holder

If you could help the disadvantaged around the world just by buying a gift for someone special, would you? One World Projects helps you do just that! We offer a range of Fair Trade products that help developing communities worldwide. Check out this high-quality pencil holder that will be a great addition to anyone’s desk. We also offer other pencil holders with different designs (see here & here) that will look just as great.

The holder pictured above is made of Indian Rosewood, a very dense wood that will be sure to last. This type of wood is traditionally used to make fine furniture and musical instruments. Indian Rosewood comes from a very fast-growing tree, making it a sustainable source of wood for furniture and other wooden goods.

Both of the pencil-holders listed above are made with love by the people of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa people of Pakistan. Your purchase helps impoverished Pakistanis of this region earn maintain their livelihoods. People from this region of Pakistan often come from severely disadvantaged families. Many of them live in rural areas where it is difficult or sometimes impossible to find fresh water. To make matters worse, inhabitants of this particular region are subject to terrorism from militant groups, which discourages investment and hurts the economy.

Education is also a major problem in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. UNESCO reports that a little less than half of Pakistanis are ABLE to read and write. Education is a major social obstacle for Pakistanis in rural areas like Kkyber-Pakhtunkwa because it is much easier for city-dwellers to get adequate schooling. The lack of education, paired with the general unrest in the region, makes it exceedingly difficult for Pakistanis in this region to find employment.

Pakistani Artisan

Pakistani Artisan

Through all the hardships Pakistanis face, the federal government of Pakistan has initiated a program to help boost employment. Our partner, The Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation artisan cooperative was created to support and sustain artisans in the nation. The PIDC sponsors AHAN, a non-profit company that employs artisans in developing nations worldwide. With the goal of alleviating poverty, AHAN has helped Pakistanis in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region earn a living and sustain their families. When you buy a Pakistani pencil holder and other AHAN artisan cooperative items, you are supporting sustainable employment and thus improving the lives of countless Pakistani families overseas. Consider purchasing a gift from One World Projects that is unique and will also help support a charitable cause.


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