Help sustain Shipibo communities this Father’s Day

Shipibo woman with pottery.

Shipibo woman with pottery.

The Shipibo-Conibo are an indigenous ethnic group occupying the Ucayali River region in the Amazon rainforest of eastern Peru. Historically resisting contact from westerners, the Shipibo have been increasingly leaving their ancestral homelands, entering the urban landscape in order to acquire the resources they need to feed their families and preserve their ancient ways of life.

The Shipibo-Conibo face a number of environmental and social obstacles. Their ancestral homeland is constantly under threat due to pollution of the river from illegal mining, as well as deforestation. Climate change has caused drastic change, bringing periods of drought followed by torrential rain, rendering their soil less than optimal for farming. This in conjunction with the rising cost of food and resources makes it gradually more difficult for the Shipibo-Conibo to sustain their families.

These factors have created a perfect storm, forcing them to search for other means of maintaining their livelihood. Since 2000, Shipibo artisans have been entering Pacullpa, a nearby city in the Ucayali region of Peru to try to sell their goods and obtain state-provided aid.  Although there are government programs designed to help indigenous groups like the Shipibo, it is difficult to bring the necessary help to these communities because of the degree to which they have been isolated form modern society.

With all the numerous challenges that the Shipibo have to endure, you may be wondering what you can do to help. By buying products from One World Projects made by the Shipibo-Conibo, you will help support sustainable employment opportunities to help the Shipibo communities of Peru. This Father’s Day, consider buying a gift for dad that will be both interesting and ethical. The Shipobo-Conibo people have a rich cultural history of creating ornate patterns on their traditional pottery and clothing. Many of the beautiful patterns are inspired by the Shipibo’s understanding of the cosmos.  One World Projects offers several gift ideas that will help the Shipibo-Conibo tribes buy the food and supplies they need to provide for their families and preserve their distinct culture.

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Shipibo Rounded Pot from Peru

Consider these beautiful, ornate pieces of art for dad this Father’s Day. One World Projects offers this Rounded Pot that will act as a great decoration for dad’s living space. This is a masculine accent piece with an exotic flair that dad will be sure to love. We also offer some intricately designed Tea Light Holders as well as some smaller Rounded Pots. All of these thoughtful gifts are handmade by the Shipibo-Conibo artisans themselves, and are sold to help them earn a fair wage. Your purchase helps them buy the supplies they need to support their families and keep their traditions alive. This Father’s Day, please consider a handmade gift made by the Shipibo-Conibo.



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