A Fantastic Fair Trade Father’s Day

This year, One World Projects (oneworldprojects.net) would like to help you celebrate your dad on his special day, June 16th. Dad’s can be the easiest or the hardest people to shop for. However, regardless of that degree, we would still like to make the task easier for you. Your Dad deserves nothing but the best when it comes to Father’s Day, so why not give him something that you both can feel good about. By shopping Fair Trade, you can find some of the most amazing, unique, beautiful and ethical gifts there are. At One World Projects (oneworldprojects.net), we work with artisan groups that adhere to the strictest ethical standards and ensure that their artisans are paid a fair wage for the hard work they preform. Shopping fair trade supports more than individuals. It helps communities of people all around the world improve the quality of their of lives. Our artisans produce wonderful, quality products that are guaranteed to put a smile on your Dad’s face.

Recycled Metal Saxophone Pen Holder from India

Recycled Metal Saxophone Pen Holder from India

Office Dad? Why not something for his desk? These adorable recycled metal pen holders are extremely unique and eco-friendly. This junk yard saxophone player in the form of a pen holder is the product of the imagination and ingenuity of a Vietnamese engineer-turned-artisan. Working from his home-based workshop, he transforms salvaged metal scraps into wonderful junk yard critters, home decor and smart office/desk accessories. Over the years, demand for his creations have continued to grow. The success that began in his small workshop has now expanded beyond the borders of Vietnam to support artisans in India as well. It is a wonderful success story and a truly global fair trade product. Besides making a great gift for dads, curio collectors, and music lovers, each whimsical style proves that to recycle is a beautiful thing. This item was handmade in India in a workshop sponsored by Noah’s Ark, an NGO that offers funding for raw materials, machines and workshop repairs to 100 artisan groups across India. In exchange for assistance, workshops must prove that all employees are paid fair wages for their products and work in safe and clean conditions. Noah’s Ark also offers free classes in capacity building to its network of 600 artisans, a rigorous quality control check, and runs education and water sanitation projects to benefit the artisans’ children and the rest of the community. The company has established 20 new workshops in the past 15 years, and all employees are paid 10-15% above the local rate.

Recycled Tire Wallet from El Salvador

Recycled Tire Wallet from El Salvador

Has your dad been carrying around the same beat up wallet for several years (or longer!)? Perhaps these recycled tire wallets from El Salvador could be a great new addition to his back pocket! Due to their recycled nature, each wallet is one-of-a-kind since no two wallets are exactly alike. Each one is handmade by artisans from Uca Ruffatti, an El Salvadorian artisan group based out of Santa Ana. Uca Ruffatti collects the inner tubes from the discarded tires and uses them to create handbags, purses, wallets and cosmetic bags in a variety of sizes and designs. The long-lasting toughness of the material contributes to the products’ extensive life and durability. Some items are accented with recycled leather scraps and locally-grown cotton and indigo. Artisans at Uca Ruffatti are free to employ their creative vision when producing the bags, so each item is unique and meticulously crafted, and of course, pleasing to look at and functional in form.

You can view each of the items above on our website by simply clicking on the picture or visiting us directly at oneworldprojects.net. Additionally, for more gifting ideas or to learn more about Fair Trade, please visit our website. We wish you all good luck on your search for the perfect Father’s Day gift and hope all you dads out there have a fantastic Father’s Day.


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