Magnanimous Mother’s Day: Gifts that really mean something.

This Mother’s Day, give your Mom a gift that you both can be proud of. By purchasing Fair Trade, you will not only receive a beautiful,  quality handmade product, but you will also be contributing to the betterment of the lives of fair trade artisans, their communities, and their families. Fair trade is more personal. Each product sold at One World Projects ( has been crafted, by hand, with much care and love. The profits earned from their amazing work, ensures that each artisan is paid a fair wage for their honest labor. So why not forgo the mass produced box of chocolates or the store bought flowers. In fact, both items can be found Fair Trade! So this year, why not opt for something you can really feel good about? And something your mother is guaranteed to love!

Need gift ideas? This week, at One World Project, we are featuring these lovely beaded bracelets made by the Maasai Tribe from Kenya. The elaborate patterns and bright colors are perfect for the Spring and Summer and will have your mom falling in love. Each beaded design sits atop a leather band and snaps together with two different size options. Purchases of Maasai products enable the tribe to be more self sufficient, provides basic necessities for the tribespeople, and helps improve the general quality life within the tribal community. For more information on the Maasai people, please visit: For a limited time only, we are offering these awesome bracelets for 5 for $20 or $5.00 each. To purchase this weeks special please email us at or call us at 585.344.4490.

IMG_7828 IMG_7839 IMG_7834

We hope your Mother’s Day is filled with joy and love. For more gifting ideas, please visit or click any of the pictures below to learn about the product.

Peru ChocolatesKalamkari ScarfKalamkari Scarf from IndiaBlue Quartz Necklace from AfghanistanBlue Quartz Necklace from AfghanistanRecycled Metal Owl Luminary from IndiaRecycled Metal Owl Luminary from India


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