Happy Earth Day!: Please Shop Responsibly

406896_507411389283985_623890204_nToday is the day to pay gratitude to Mother Earth. Without her, it would be a pretty boring Universe, wouldn’t you agree? However, waste and pollution are still one of her major afflictions and we endorse her disease when we don’t follow the simple “R” equation that we have learned and taught throughout our lives: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. Without Mother Earth, we would not have the resources to have all the beautiful things we enjoy in life. We would have no books, no art, no music, no iPhones, no thing at all. Paying respect to the environment is one of the most important principles in Fair Trade. Many Fair Trade artisan groups focus solely on creating quality  products with minimal or virtually no environmental footprint. By purchasing such products, we are paying tribute to the very thing that gives us life. And why not show your appreciation on Mother’s Day, May 13th, during which you can give thanks for the Mother who loves and supports you, and the Mother who gave life to us all.

At One World Projects (oneworldprojects.net), we offer a wide range of Fair Trade products that not only comply with Fair Trade principles concerning the betterment of the lives of our artisans, but also the preservation of the natural environment in which we all live.

Geometric Kalamkari Scarf by SIPA

Geometric Kalamkari Scarf by SIPA

South India Producer Association (SIPA) is just one of our many artisans who focuses on sustainability, women empowerment, and quality craft. SIPA’s artisan network spans across Southern India. They works with 30 artisan groups and over 5,000 artisan families that are involved in income generation activities producing crafts. A vast range of products are produced by the 30 groups under SIPA’s umbrella, some of them include palm leaf basketry, decorative candles, natural oils, insence making, kalamkari textile products, wooden toys. All the products are made with locally-sourced natural materials from their respective regions and special care is taken in regards to disposal of waste, so as to keep the environment clean and safe. SIPA is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization – ‘WFTO’, Asia Fair Trade Forum, and Fair Trade Forum-India. The organization strongly follows the globally accepted fair trade mandates as part of the social commitment to it’s stakeholders – the artisans; thus striving for consumer satisfaction and moving towards providing artisan members with a sustainable livelihood, and positive socioeconomic changes in their lives and communities.


Paper Caper Giraffe

Paper Caper Giraffe

Likewise, Paper Caper International based out of the Philippines has made a name for themselves with their wonderfully inventive paper maché products. Paper Capers International was started in 1988 as a subcontractor for a major exporter of ladies’ fashion accessories and novelty gift items. It was originally based in Quezon City, but as it grew it was moved to Antipolo City, where it could utilize a larger space to organize the raw materials, process the plastic injection-molding and accommodate a larger grouped of in-house artisans. Nurturing the company with a commitment towards product design, artisan welfare and product efficiency, the proprietor Arlene Gaddi Maceda and her younger brother Arthur Flores Gaddi are committed to making the world a better place; and they believe with Paper Capers they have. They offer a range of handmade paper mache products, corrugated cardboard photo frames, paper Christmas trees, and many other interesting products. The majority of the raw materials for these products are sourced from trash pickers and assorted junk dealers that collect the plastics and papers they need from dump sites. The raw materials are collected, cleaned and separated by color and type before they are recomposed into the amazing array of home decor and novelty items offered by Paper Capers.


For more eco-friendly products or gift ideas, please visit oneworldprojects.net




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