Show Your Love for Your Main Squeeze and the World JUST BECAUSE

So Valentines Day, the one official day of the year to show your love for your significant other, is over. But what about the other 364 days of the year? Aren’t the best gifts, the most romantic gifts, the ones that you receive “just because”? Better yet, receiving a beautiful, unique, handmade, fair trade gift feels so much better than receiving a mass-produced box of chocolates. Gifts should be thoughtful. However, most of us struggle when looking for for the “right” one. At One World Projects, we try to make it easier for you not only to find something beautiful, but also make an worldly impact.

Looking for a way to her heart? Why not give her yours? Our hand-carved heart-shaped tagua nut pendants from Ecuador would be the perfect choice. But what is a tagua nut? Harvested without any detriment to the Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 2.04.44 PMrainforest, the tagua nut is a renewable rainforest seed that grows from the Amazon’s Tagua Palm Tree. It is widely regarded as vegetable ivory for its likeness to real animal ivory, but with animal and habitat-friendly properties. With the growing scarcity of animal ivory, Tagua has become a highly valued commodity by artisans and consumers alike.

Shopping for him? We all know that the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Our Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Quinoa Crunch bars will send his taste buds into chocolate bliss. An intense dark chocolate of 61% cocoa is Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 2.18.15 PMcombined with quinoa to add a crisp texture and great taste. Quinoa is a crop the Incas called ‘chisaya mama’ or mother of all grains and in this delicious bar adds a healthy crunch to your chocolate. Alter Eco brings you this special creation from El Ceibo Cooperatives in Bolivia. Organic cocoa seeds are hand harvested by cocoa farmers and the cooperative helps to process the seeds into delicious chocolate bars in a variety of flavors.

Want more? Go to and search the endless possibilities! From home decor to even pet accessories, we will have something special for you–something that you can feel good about.


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